Airbnb Co-Hosting

We take care of improving your Airbnb ranking through content optimization, handling guest communication and recommending the best pricing strategy.

Who We Are

We are a team of experienced Airbnb hosts, vacation rental professionals and travelers with access to a wealth of knowledge on how to rank on page 1 of Airbnb search results.

We have hosted and traveled all around the world in Airbnbs and holiday rentals.

We focus exclusively on optimizing Airbnb listings and we have a proven track record of helping Airbnb hosts to increase their booking revenue and get more - and better - bookings.

What We Do

Airbnb Data Analytics

Today, data is everything. That's why we provide you with the most advanced data analysis tools to improve your Airbnb ranking. We leverage technology to gather data about your market and your competitors, as well as understand seasonality and how it impacts your Airbnb listings.

Pricing Strategy Optimization

"Just lower your price" is not a pricing strategy. It should never be. We understand the importante of setting the right price to maximise returns on your Airbnb listings and we help you to find that sweet spot between making enough money and charging the right price.

Premium Quality Content

"Studio Apartment in Milan" or "Cosy Couple Getaway with Free WiFi and A/C!" - which one would you rather book? Today, there is no alternative for premium, high quality content. From the Airbnb title to the description, through every single detail and word - you must get this right and we're here to help.

Optimized for Higher Ranking

Our team has studied the Airbnb search algorithm. We understand what drives an increase in visibility and bookings conversion. After all, we are Airbnb hosts ourselves. That's why we are passionate about helping other Airbnb hosts and property managers to succeed.

Co-Hosting Plan

What's Included (3-5% of Booking Revenue)
· Full Listings Content Optimization
· 24/7 Reservation Management
· 24/7 Guests Communication
· Channel Distribution
· 100% Response Rate
· Custom Pricing Strategy
· New Custom Guidebook
· Reviews Management
· Strategy to Become a Super Host

Airbnb Listing Optimization Reports

Advanced Listing Optimization Report (€100)Basic Listing Optimization Report (€50)
· Custom Airbnb titles· Custom Airbnb titles
· Content Review· Content Review
· Custom Photo Layout + Captions· Photo Layout Tips
· Advanced Guidebook Review· Airbnb Guidebook Tips
· Pricing & Occupancy Strategy· Pricing Strategy
· Revenue management strategy· Revenue management strategy
· Strategy to increase listing views and wishlist saves· Profile recommendations
· Expert Airbnb hosting tips 
· Seasonality Strategy 
· Recommended blog posts + social media 
· Expert Airbnb hosting tips 

We bring you more and better bookings.

We understand the importance of optimizing your Airbnb listings to increase your performance. Hundreds of property managers and hosts have trusted us and increased their Airbnb revenue.

We will help you define your strategy and over the last 10 years we have helped hundreds of hosts to increase their visibility, number of bookings and revenue per available night.

Clients Testimonials

"Realstays has changed the way I think of Airbnb - their recommendations have improved my ranking quickly and increase my occupancy - thank you team!" - Francesco - Airbnb host in Rome, Italy

"The Airbnb Advanced Listing Optimization Report was put together very well, it was very detailed and it has helped me improve in many areas of my Airbnb business" - Manos - Property Manager in Crete, Greece

"Thank you for helping me rank my apartment on page 1 in Airbnb!" - Gijs - Airbnb host in Amsterdam, Holland

"Overall I found the Advanced Airbnb Report very interesting and educational" - Alessandro - Property Manager in Milan, Italy

Contact us to learn more about how we can skyrocket your Airbnb performance.

Contact us to learn more about our co-hosting services or order one of our Airbnb Listing Optimization Reports to improve your search results ranking and make the changes that will bring you more revenue.

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